Transition coaching

question mark choicesPromoted into a new role?
Starting a new job?
Seeking a complete change of career?
Seeking to do something different outside the world of work?

When you embark on a change, you are in transition from the old to the new.

That transition can be challenging. It’s exciting, but challenging.

It can often also be a lonely place, particularly if you are in a position of authority. It’s difficult, and sometimes unwise, to let those around you know when you have moments of self-doubt, and aren’t sure what to do next!

Transition coaching can help you to:

  • identify where you need to focus
  • establish yourself more quickly and
  • increase your confidence and impact.

Motivated people achieve greater results and get more personal satisfaction. When you align your actions and work with what motivates you, everything is easier and more enjoyable. I help you to unlock the motivation that will energise you to maximise the effectiveness of the change you are making, and to keep going if things get tough.

Some of the situations that have led clients to seek out coaching with Amanda include:

  • Taking on managerial responsibility for the first time (moving from being a team player to being the leader of a team)
  • Re-launching a self-employed business after a period of personal upheaval
  • Assuming Chairing responsibility for a large Board
  • Anticipating redundancy and exploring alternative paths
  • Selling a business and identifying the next challenge
  • Heading towards retirement and uncertain what the future holds
  • Establishing leadership credibility as a woman in a predominantly male field

The coaching will also look at the balance between the various areas of your life – work, leisure, family, health, personal development: how it is now and how you want it to be in the future – and how that needs to influence your future actions.

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“I really benefited from the way Amanda was able to help me to set realistic goals which I acted on a lot quicker than I expected. She gave me the motivation to actually do something about my current situation.”   Christine L, Data analyst

Simon Legg“Work and life are much more balanced. I now have greater self belief and awareness of my own ability. I’m not so afraid to try new things or take the lead with new projects and challenges.”   Simon L, Operations Manager

“Amanda helps develop your future plans in moving your career or other challenging situations forward. I was slightly sceptical going into the session with Amanda but in the following days and weeks, took forward the challenges we agreed and certainly benefited from the outcome. I would highly recommend her as a coach.” Audrey W, Business Manager 

Matt“During the workshop I attended run by Amanda, she asked ‘what would you do if there were no limitations’ ? I was ready to start a family; my wife and I had talked about it at length, it wasn’t an epiphany! However I work part of the week in London, and home was in Bath, over a hundred miles away. I realised that if we were serious about starting a family, there was no-way I could give my wife the support that she would need during the pregnancy & beyond if I was in London half of the week. So, although I loved my job, I decided to move back home full-time, start a family & start my own business – GULP.”   Matthew P, Chiropractor

“Amanda provides a great space for you to create and engage with actions that help you make real progress in moving forwards. She asks great questions and listens in a truly valuing way that helps develop insight and action. I would highly recommend her to those wanting a coach to help with momentum and change.”   Ann T, Consultant

Pablo Gonzalez“A couple of times we solved a big problem by a modest action or by addressing a bit of it – and then magically it expanded itself to address the whole problem.”   Pablo G, IT project manager