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AMANDA CULLENThis week I’m offering a slightly different kind of blog. I was invited by Kim Gregory of The Strengths Consultancy to take part in a Blog Tour. The idea is to tell you a bit more about how and why I blog, and to introduce you to some other great bloggers who cover widely divergent topics. On the blog tour we answer 4 standard questions, find other blogs we like to share, and pass the baton on! Here’s my contribution and please scroll down to meet Janet and Lynn.

Q1  What am I working on?

At Coaching with Amanda I’ve been starting to specialise in coaching people over the age of 40 who have reached that point where they look around and think “oh God, I really don’t want to carry on doing this for the rest of my life”! This encompasses three groups of people:

  1. Some of my clients have been in the same career for years, and have realised they really want a change in order to be enthused and inspired by what they do.
  2. Others have been at home, looking after children, who are now at the stage where they are growing up and will be off doing their own thing before too long, leaving mum or dad with time on their hands and a gap to fill in their daily lives.
  3. And my third group are the newly retired, who are not at all ready to put their feet up by the fire and do crosswords for the rest of their retirement!

I  currently have two coaching options. The first is a 3 month Discovery package for those who want 1:1 coaching and ongoing support through this journey from where they are now to where they’d like to be. I also offer one-off Clarity sessions  for those who need help with a particular issue or niggle.

In addition I give talks locally in the Kingston upon Thames area – there’s one coming up on 21 May on how to Boost your Resilience.

And I’m very excited to be developing a four week course designed to bring a group of people together in the local area, so that working together we can identify everyone’s ideal next step and how to achieve it. More details will follow on this soon!

Q2  How does my work differ from others of this genre?

There are lots of life coaches, and the vast majority of us have a particular area that we specialise in. There are also lots of career coaches, but few of them focus specifically on mid-life clients (and many of these focus exclusively on women). Very few also address the needs of the newly retired.

Also every coach has a different style. I am known for being not only nifty at helping people to identify what they’d like to do, but also really good at getting them to start doing it.

I like to think of myself as a modern day Mary Poppins figure, with a carpet bag full of possibilities and a slightly no nonsense approach to taking action!

Q3  Why do I write what I do

I started blogging very much as an adjunct to my coaching, a way of getting more people to hear what I do and to start to get to know me. However I’ve realised that I really enjoy writing and am reconnecting with a creative writing streak that has lain well hidden since my school days (certainly very well hidden through all my years of writing formal reports in a financial services environment!).

I aim to write all my blogs on topics that are loosely connected with the issues that my clients might face.

Q4  How does my writing process work?

I keep a note of topics that I think might make good blogs. So when I sit down to write my blog I go through my list and see which topic jumps out at me. The actual process is initially remarkably unstructured for me, given what an organised and logical person I usually am. I just start writing with no particular plan, but after some fabulous coaching from the lovely Lynn Hord of the Writing Angel (read more about her below) I do have a broad structure in mind. I don’t however have any real idea what I’m going to say until I say it!

Not surprisingly my first draft usually leaves something to be desired.  I go over it a couple of times to check that it has some logical flow to it and that the messages are clear and then I go back to the title to see whether it bears any relation to what I’ve written about. It’s rare for my final title to be the same as my first one!

Now, let me pass the baton on and introduce my  lovely fellow bloggers.

i’ve already told you how Lynn helped me with my blogging. You will see below that Janet helps people with a range of health issues, specialising in those with ME.  As the mum of a teenager with ME myself I’m only too well aware of the limitations of conventional medicine in treating such conditions. So people like Janet are our lifeline and do great work in helping ME sufferers.

SAM_1501cJanet Winter is a breathing educator, and she blogs about better breathing for better health; a function so fundamental to our existence that it gets overlooked (it takes care of itself doesn’t it?).

Many people have dysfunctional breathing patterns that can deplete the body of oxygen and impact any system causing or contributing to: common respiratory conditions (asthma hay fever sinusitis etc.); anxiety, stress, panic, migraines, IBS etc; snoring and sleep problems and more. Janet has a special interest in helping people with ME/CFS/fibromyalgia as breathing education helped her with her own recovery from this devastating disease, and there is not much help out there.

View Janet’s blog.

Lynn HeadshotLynn Hord is a writing coach and business mentor who helps heart-led solopreneurs to be bolder and braver in their words and deeds. Whether it’s helping you be better bloggers, infusing your website copy with more personality, or mentoring you toward a braver business mindset, her goal is to help you be unmistakeable.

She blogs about all aspects of writing, and the challenges we all face on the journey to becoming grander versions of ourselves.

View Lynn’s blog.

I’d love to hear your comments on what you’d like to read about in my future blogs. What would you find really useful? Let me know in the comments below – and sign up alongside to get my regular blogs and other occasional goodies. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



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