The ONE thing you can do to improve your work/life balance


“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.” – Philip Green “ According to the Mental Health Foundation (MHF), work related stress costs Britain 10.4 million working days a year. But the cost to mental health has wider and more severe ramifications. According to a recent MHF […]

Three ways you can inspire your team (and what to do when your inspiration levels plummet)


“If your actions inspire  others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader” John Quincy Adams As a leader, it’s your responsibility to develop your team.  Of course, you’re responsible for making sure they have the skills and tools to do their jobs. But have you ever considered how important it is […]

4 steps to more authentic leadership (and why it matters so much)

Authentic leader

“To thy own self be true.” Polonius, Hamlet Recently I went to a networking event. I had a good time, and met some interesting people – but the highlight for me was a group discussion on authentic leadership.   What is authentic leadership? My group broadly agreed on the hallmarks of an authentic leader – someone trustworthy, […]

Work overload? Ease up!

Work overload

Last week Helen*, the CEO of a charity, complained to me about her work overload. She said “my Board keeps coming up with new ideas to make the organisation more successful – but there’s only me to implement them.” She said nobody appreciated that these new ideas would need work to make them succeed, and nobody else offered […]

A handful of Leadership Nuggets


Last week I attended a leadership conference. The conference was aimed at developing women leaders, and yes there were many references to diversity, equality, unconscious bias, etc. This is important, isn’t it? It needs to be addressed in order that we develop the best leaders of the future. However, the part of the conference that sticks […]

4 tips to keep business on track over Christmas – plan ahead!

Plan ahead

As December arrives, we can no longer pretend that Christmas is a long way off! Planning ahead, it often seems like the business world will be shutting down for two weeks. Certainly many employees take the opportunity for an extended break that doesn’t eat too heavily into their annual holiday allowance. And this year, with Christmas […]

Are you a manager or leader?

manager or leader

What’s the difference? No doubt the dictionaries will give various interpretations, but my version goes something like this: A manager organises the team, making sure that all tasks are done efficiently. He / she takes responsibility for the work of the team and for the delivery of work that meets pre-agreed goals or targets. A […]

The loneliness of the long distance leader

long distance leader

Are you a long distance leader? In these days of global working, and flexible working, it is becoming increasingly common for organisations to have virtual teams. These groups of individuals work together on projects or have business goals in common, but they rarely if ever see each other. If you have a virtual team to lead, […]