Step out on a new challenge


We human beings are wonderfully complex. We respond instinctively to every challenge. But how we respond is influenced by many factors – the mood we are in at the time, whether we associate the situation with pleasure or unpleasantness, and how confident or nervous we feel. So how we respond to challenge can be significantly influenced by […]

Excuses, excuses


Do you ever make an excuse? Of  course you do! So do I! From time to time (and some of us more frequently than others!) we make excuses for why we haven’t done something we should – or have done something we shouldn’t. Perhaps a demanding friend wants more time than we have to spare, […]

Defy convention – and follow your passion

2014-06-13 18.43.48

This week I’ve asked my daughter to write for us. Bree has always avoided conforming to the norm and has blazed an unusual trail through her young life. I think she is amazing (as her proud mum, I would, of course!) but I’ll let you form your own view….   “I’m Bree, Amanda’s daughter, and at […]

Danger! Asking your loved ones for advice about a new job may be a recipe for disaster


If you’re debating whether to embark on a change of direction (in life, not in the car!) then it’s natural to ask your family and friends for their opinion. Whether it’s changing jobs or going out to work after a career break, they are the people that you talk to about most things, so why […]