The loneliness of the long distance leader

long distance leader

Are you a long distance leader? In these days of global working, and flexible working, it is becoming increasingly common for organisations to have virtual teams. These groups of individuals work together on projects or have business goals in common, but they rarely if ever see each other. If you have a virtual team to lead, […]

Motivating people – it’s not all about the money

motivating people

As a leader in an organisation, money is the best (if not only) way of rewarding and motivating people, right? Wrong! Time after time, leaders that focus on pay as reward find their teams becoming less successful.Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule What’s more, businesses that focus on making money to the exclusion of all else […]

Step out on a new challenge


We human beings are wonderfully complex. We respond instinctively to every challenge. But how we respond is influenced by many factors – the mood we are in at the time, whether we associate the situation with pleasure or unpleasantness, and how confident or nervous we feel. So how we respond to challenge can be significantly influenced by […]

Defy convention – and pursue your passion

2014-06-13 18.43.48

For many of, there is immense pressure to toe the party line and do what’s expected. In business we often adopt certain behaviours because we want to fit in, or because we anticipate that it will enhance our chances of succeeding and progressing up the ladder. However,  many of society’s most successful entrepreneurs are those […]

The Change Curve into Leadership


When we go through significant change it can feel like we have a mountain to climb. There’s a natural sequence of emotions that we usually pass through, and it can be counter-productive if we don’t.  It’s called the “change curve”. The model was first articulated in the 1960s by a psychiatrist called Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who […]