Need a helping hand? Get a coach or mentor

Do you have a coach or mentor? Many small business owners do. So do the CEOs of most large corporates and many other senior executives too. They know the value of having an impartial person to support them. Someone who … Read More

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Taking risks with your business – what could possibly go wrong?

Do you take risks with your business? Of course you do. Without risk, there can be no reward. But it pays to be aware of those risks, and to manage them. In the wider business community, risk management has become … Read More

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Networking – why it’s sometimes a waste of time

– And how to make sure it isn’t! As small business owners we know the importance of networking, right? It’s where we find clients, suppliers or people we can collaborate with. Some of us invest significant amounts of time and money in networking activities, but … Read More

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find your perfect client

3 Top tips to find your perfect client

It can be one of the hardest challenges for any business to find your perfect client, and it’s certainly an issue for many of the small business owners I work with. Here are three approaches you can use to help you find … Read More

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10 Top Tips to Maximise your Productivity

As we head towards ‘Work Wise’ week (yes really!)  I’ve been asked to share my favourite productivity tips to help encourage work-life balance and inspire you to be as productive as possible.  Some are old favourites, and others have evolved out of … Read More

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time management, control

4 ways to tackle time management angst

Do you find time management easy? Some of us do – we’re the lucky ones. All my life people have said things like “you’re so organised” or “how did you do that so quickly?” or “ask Amanda, she’s the logistics … Read More

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business success

4 key steps to business success

Here’s my first Business Made Simpler video, in which I share my tips on how to work out what you want from your business, and how to get it, so as to achieve greater business success. I hope you enjoy it, and … Read More

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Survey shows small businesses must get help to avoid failure  

The biggest challenge for small business owners is getting new clients, which could be attributed to the lack of external support they take on, according to my new survey, carried out in the second half of 2016. The results, which … Read More

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Challenging goal? Think backwards!

Do you ever set yourself a goal, and then wonder how on earth you are going to achieve it?  It’s really common to get stuck. Sometimes this happens before you start, and sometimes your initial burst of enthusiasm gets you … Read More

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Multitasking genius wanted!

Do you run a small business? If so, you can probably identify with the title of this blog! I spend a lot of my time working with small business owners. Some have been established for many years, others for only a … Read More

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