Leadership roles can be tough

Others expect you to have the answers, but there’s nobody to bounce ideas around with or to support you when things are hard.

When you get it right you can have a massive impact on the success of your organisation. It can also be immensely exciting and rewarding. But all leaders face hard times along the way to corporate accomplishments.

I know this because during my 15 years’ leadership in the financial services sector I experienced many difficult situations and tackled an incredibly diverse range of issues.

You may think that you should know what to do in every situation you are facing. Maybe you do, most of the time, but there is always more we can learn and sometimes we need a helping hand.

Do you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

If you are worried that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, don’t worry. This is a normal reaction to being promoted or appointed to a challenging new role. If you are concerned that the demands of a new role are too great; you are not up to it and in some way have misled those who had selected you, you are not alone.

Let me help you address your concerns and move you on to being confident in your new role, playing to your strengths and being recognised as making a significant positive impact.

How I can help you

My leadership development programme is designed to support and empower you through three phases. Working together we will:

  • explore where you are now and define the impact you want to have in the next 60 days
  • define strategies which will help you consolidate your impact over the medium term
  • identify what you want to achieve over the long term and determine relevant strategies which will enable you to meet these goals

Over a three month period of fortnightly coaching, my programme will cover the following areas:

Session 1: Discovery

We’ll get clear on your key business and personal challenges and look at what you want to get out of coaching. You may well have leadership experience already. If so, what’s different about this role or challenge and which new skills or resources do you need to call upon? If you don’t have leadership experience, what does stepping up to leadership mean for you?

Session 2: Values and purpose

We’ll identify what’s important to you and how this influences your behaviour. What kind of leader do you want to be? We’ll make use of relevant tools to gain clarity on this and to set up your own internal support structure.

Session 3: Vision and strategy

We’ll explore your vision for your leadership – and maybe help to stretch that vision just a little! We’ll look at your current strategy for success and /or develop your strategy for the short and longer term. Once we have a picture of your vision and strategy, we’ll focus on WHO you need to be in order to achieve them, and WHAT ACTION you need to take.

Session 4: Stakeholders

Here we’ll create your personal stakeholder map, identifying anyone and everyone who has a stake in the success of your leadership. We’ll get a sense of who’s already on your side and by your side, who you need to bring on board – and who may be your detractors.

Session 5: Derailers – internal and external

However confident we are, we all have days when things don’t go right or we have moments (or longer) of self-doubt. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy! Do you know your own internal gremlins? We’ll meet them, get to know them and get clear on how best to manage them. We may also spend time on how to manage your detractors, understanding their drivers and how to manage or convert them.

Session 6: Bringing it all together

This session is an opportunity to take stock. As we review what you have learned. What has changed and what progress have you made against the goals you set at outset of the coaching? From this we can identify your next steps.

Specific challenges

At every session, you will also be able to identify a particular topic you’d like to address. This can be an ongoing issue you are grappling with or a new challenge that has presented itself. We’ll set aside time to look explicitly at this topic, and ensure that we have an opportunity to explore it, understand it and, if appropriate, brainstorm possible approaches.

Contact me now to arrange an exploratory conversation.

Continuing support

The majority of my clients continue to work with me after this first three month period, either fortnightly or every month. In this phase we consolidate your progress to date, recognise and respond to changes in your working environment and / or life and spend more time on any areas that are particularly challenging or worthy of greater focus.

After six months my role often switches from coach to sounding board, as many leaders find it beneficial to have an independent and external person with whom they can confidentially share their thoughts and ideas, hopes and fears.