Amanda is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Favourite topics include:

  • 4 key steps to business success
  • Running a small business

    • How to stop spinning plates and focus on what matters
    • Getting clear on your strategy and priorities
    • Playing to your strengths and getting others to do the rest

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for last Thursday. You did a fantastic job on the panel and we have had such positive feedback. I really appreciate your contribution and I hope that you enjoyed it too.” 

“A good balance of thought-provoking information and discussion with self-analysis. Amanda’s style was very authentic.”

“Thank you so much for speaking at the event on Friday I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and made some great connections.”


She is also happy to provide articles on a wide range of subjects relating to leadership and running a small business.


Amanda has been featured in the following media:

































and on Powerxtra radio’s ‘Something for the Weekend’ programme.








Her book, ‘What’s Your Excuse for Not Loving Your Job?’ was published in 2016. It is available from Amazon and further details are on her website.


Bio for Small Business events

Amanda Cullen is a UK-based business coach. Her recently launched campaign, called ‘Business Made Simpler’, is aimed at bringing clarity out of the confusion that often faces small business owners who also manage their company.

She realised that small business owners often wear many hats, and are constantly juggling. They tend to over-complicate things that should be quite straightforward. It’s totally understandable – small business owners often work on their business and in their business, and are left to stew over the big decisions. However this can be crippling and leads to indecisiveness, stress and sometimes, poor decision-making.

It needn’t be that way. Quite often, even the most-seemingly complicated business conundrums can be solved with some simple techniques, tools, and guidance from an impartial sounding board. That’s where Amanda aims to help. She helps cut through the confusion so they can focus clearly on what they want to achieve, how they want to achieve it, and what the priorities are. This leads to clear goal-setting.

Amanda spent 30 years as a consultant in the pensions industry, advising clients, managing large teams and leading business units. Five years ago she retrained as a coach and shortly afterwards left corporate life to set up her own business, Coaching with Amanda ( She now offers 1:1 coaching, runs monthly workshops and gives talks to owners of small businesses.

Bio for Leadership events

Amanda Cullen is a UK-based coach whose focus is on supporting leaders and business owners to step up to their full potential.

She identifies leadership as covering three key areas:

  • Leadership of strategy: for those having responsibility for, or a significant say in, the direction of their business
  • Leadership of people: for those managing one or more colleagues
  • Leadership of self: because in order to effectively lead strategy or people, it is important to first understand one’s own values, motivations, skills and strengths

Before training as a coach Amanda spent most of her career as a consultant at Mercer, including 10 years as a partner. During that time she led businesses with large teams and managed significant client relationships.

Amanda established her own business, Coaching with Amanda ( in 2013. She now coaches individuals ranging from small business owners to senior executives in large corporates. She also works with Chairs and boards in the pensions industry.