Coaching for Chairs

If you are a Chair of Trustees of a pension scheme, I can offer you specialist coaching.

During my 30 years as a pension consultant, I specialised in pension scheme governance.

I facilitated a number of forums where Chairs of Trustees came together to discuss topics of mutual interest and to share their experiences.

I quickly noticed that whilst most Chairs had no trouble obtaining the technical support they needed via their advisers, some identified challenges relating to their chairing skills.

If you are new to chairing, or lack experience in working with volunteers who meet infrequently, this creates a particular set of dynamics that can be quite challenging for even an experienced Chair.

Issues that Chairs often grapple with include:

  • Flexing their own leadership style to suit the Board
  • Focusing on the key priorities that will maximise the Board’s effectiveness
  • Making best use of meeting time
  • Using the skills and strengths around the Board table to best effect
  • Making effective decisions as a Board

How I can help you
I don’t offer technical training as this is the remit of your advisers or in-house staff.

Instead I provide coaching support to explore how you perform your chairing role, and to address some of the behavioural aspects of chairing.

When is coaching appropriate?

For new Chairs

  • On appointment to your first role
  • After 6-12 months of assessing the role, and the particular dynamics of the Board
  • On facing your first significant project

For experienced Chairs

  • On assuming a new chairing role
  • To address a particularly challenging project (or team)

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Group coaching for Trustee Boards

With the increasing importance of governance to Trustee Boards comes the need to maximise board effectiveness.

  • Do you have a new team, one that needs to build an effective working relationship super quickly?
  • Is your existing team somehow not pulling together as effectively as it should?
  • Is the team dysfunctional? It happens. Perhaps there are cliques, vested interests, disillusionment or apathy.
  • Are you a Board that strives for ever greater effectiveness, or that needs or wants to evidence behavioural effectiveness as part of a governance review?


How I can I help you

I have worked with very many Trustee boards to support their performance and increase their behavioural effectiveness.

I can help in three ways:

  • Short workshops on trustee effectiveness that can be delivered on a stand alone basis or as part of Trustee Training days or Strategy days
  • Focused Trustee effectiveness reviews, looking explicitly at the behavioural aspects of the Trustee Board and its interactions within the Board and with stakeholders
  • Comprehensive Trustee effectiveness reviews, addressing both behavioural and operational effectiveness, which are delivered via my joint offering with Pi Consulting: ‘Aspiring to Excellence’.

Whilst the exact nature of any team intervention will always be tailored to the specific situation, there are some common themes that will apply in all cases:

  • What is the desired outcome?
  • What are the current team dynamics? How do these affect how the team operates?
  • What needs to change and how shall we do it?
  • How can we embed this change and keep the momentum going

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