Robust business growth

Bella* had been running her business for three years. During that time it had grown from an idea initially developed in her bedroom to a small but highly successful business. She was selling products worldwide, via her online shop. When she asked me to coach her, she said she wanted to work out how to grow the business more significantly. She had a clear financial target that she wanted to achieve.

What we did

We started by brainstorming all the different ways that Bella could grow the business. We looked at expanding her product range, moving into retail, increasing her advertising,etc. However I could see that something was niggling her. Something was stopping her from fully engaging in the discussion. When I dug a little deeper it emerged that Bella had some concerns about the quality of the current products. She was rightly nervous about growing the business until she had resolved those concerns.

So our focus then switched to the steps she needed to take to address the quality issue. I invited her to explore this with me. We looked at what she wanted from her product. It became clear that to have confidence in the production process she needed to be able to oversee it from start to finish.For her this meant bringing production to the UK. By the end of that initial coaching session Bella knew what she needed to do  and had committed to the first steps she needed to take.

During our subsequent sessions I supported Bella as she identified alternative manufacturers, checked credentials, commissioned samples, tweaked designs and reviewed further samples. Finally she took delivery of the finished article – a day for celebration.

The outcome

Our initial coaching sessions didn’t immediately help Bella to achieve the financial target that she had identified as her goal. However, they performed an even more important role. They helped her to articulate and then address an underlying concern that she had not been able to identify on her own. Without addressing that concern, leaping ahead to grow the business would have been the wrong action to take. She is now building from a much more secure foundation, and is excited about the opportunities that this provides.

* Client names have been changed to preserve confidentiality

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