Increased personal confidence


Jane*, a legal director, came to me saying she wanted to increase her confidence at work. In our initial consultation she explained that she wanted to manage her emotions better when in the office. She said she felt things too intensely which led to her becoming emotional in certain situations and consequently not performing at her best.

Jane wanted to feel empowered at work, have reduced anxiety levels and be less worried about what those around her thought of her.

What we did

Working together, we explored Jane’s values. Some of these – justice, respect, achievement, and professionalism – were influencing her reaction to events in the office, typically when she felt they were being ignored or questioned.

Jane noticed that she was reacting far more strongly to perceived infringements of her values at work than she did in her personal life.

We uncovered reasons for the stronger reactions, and identified steps that Jane could take to make changes. We used a range of simple strategies to call on when the overwhelming emotions threatened to strike, giving Jane a chance to choose a different and more positive response.

Jane was delighted to report that as a result of our work together she became much less inclined to take comments personally, and was better able to recognise the triggers that could derail her, such as tiredness.

The outcome

As Jane’s coaching progressed her confidence grew so that she was able to manage her emotions effectively. Moreover, she was now ready to address other issues that would enable her to perform even better, such as delegating more and tackling staff under-performance. These became the topics for a further series of coaching sessions.

* Client names have been changed to preserve confidentiality

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