Are you spinning plates?

Do you sometimes feel like you are juggling? Running to stand still?  Trying to make sure that you can deliver to your current customers, find new ones, manage the business and have an eye to future developments? Or do you feel that you are so bogged down in running the business that you have less and less time to spend on the aspects of it that you enjoy? Or maybe you’re stuck – not sure what your next step should be.

Business made simpler!

It’s easy to get so busy delivering the product or service your business offers that you fail to spend enough time on business strategy, on managing the business, or on planning for the future. And often there’s nobody else to lean on, or to discuss business issues with.

Let me help. I’ll listen to your story, how (and why) you established your business and what stage it has reached. I’ll help you articulate exactly what you want to achieve next, and together we’ll get clear on how you can do it. I’ll help you identify your next steps – and I’ll hold you accountable to ensure you take action.

I have a supportive yet no nonsense approach to coaching. I cut through confusion and help you to “see the wood for the trees”. I work with you to help balance the emotional aspects of any change you want to make with the practical steps needed to move forward.

In a nutshell, I make business simpler!

How I can help

I’ll work with you, usually over an initial three month period to explore the following:


  • Your key business and personal challenges
  • What you want to get from coaching – your goals and desired outcomes
  • What’s important to you and how this influences your behaviour

Vision and strategy

  • Your vision for your business (what you want to achieve)
  • Your strategy for success (how you intend to achieve it)

Planning and Priorities

  • Your business plan (what actions are needed to achieve your strategy)
  • Your strengths (what you are good and what you enjoy doing)
  • Your roadblocks (what is getting in the way of you focusing on your strengths and the things you enjoy)

 At the end of three months we’ll review progress and agree what additional help, if any, you would like. Many of my clients continue with regular coaching for a further period, and then often move to a more flexible arrangement, using me more as a sounding board and mentor than for formal coaching.