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4 ways to tackle time management angst

Do you find time management easy? Some of us do – we’re the lucky ones. All my life people have said things like “you’re so organised” or “how did you do that so quickly?” or “ask Amanda, she’s the logistics … Read More

Work overload? Ease up!

Last week Helen*, the CEO of a charity, complained to me about her work overload. She said “my Board keeps coming up with new ideas to make the organisation more successful – but there’s only me to implement them.” She … Read More

make an excuse

Excuses, excuses. Time to STOP

Do you ever make an excuse? Of course you do! So do I! From time to time (and some of us more frequently than others!) we make excuses for why we haven’t done something we should – or have done … Read More

Three ways to bounce back when the going gets tough!

Three ways to bounce back when the going gets tough!

We all have bad days and difficult moments. The truth is, you can’t always prevent these negative events. They can be triggered at work, but may equally be the result of something in our personal lives. As we are human … Read More