Halima Khatun

Owner, PR company

As the owner of a small consultancy, I wasn’t sure whether I would need – or could justify – using the services of a business coach. However, working with Amanda has been one of the best decisions I have made for the progression of HK Communications. From providing accountability, to helping ‘unblock’ sticking points, Amanda’s support over the last few months has been invaluable in spurring me on to greater things. Amanda’s services don’t lie in providing answers or solutions, but instead she guides me towards what I feel is the best option. From tackling my business plan to working on specific projects, Amanda has been a great support. I therefore wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of Coaching with Amanda to a small business who wants to dream big.

Nadine Winkler

Owner of Doddlebags

Amanda brings calm to my stormy days. She brings clarity to my hazy days, and helps to prolong the short 24 hours of every day. The swamp of running a new business almost single handedly suddenly becomes navigable and conquerable. Thank you Amanda for being such a wise guiding light!

Jane W

Counselling and Psychotherapy business owner

Amanda helped me get perspective on the current issues – reminding myself where we had come from and what we were originally trying to do. It gave me more confidence about what our priorities should be. It also made me realise that sometimes we avoid addressing difficult business issues, and I now feel able to discuss those with the other directors.

Gwyneth Lloyd

Pension Manager, Fujitsu

Thank you for the session you ran on Wednesday. I thought you pitched it just right – the challenge was there, but it was positioned very constructively. As a result, there were good discussions and the Trustees were asking themselves pertinent questions.


Pablo G

IT project manager

A couple of times we solved a big problem by a modest action or by addressing a bit of it – and then magically it expanded itself to address the whole problem.

Atkins Pension Scheme Trustee Board

Amanda is skilled in facilitation. She helped us to see themes that we hadn’t articulated before and to envisage the kind of Board we want to be.

Simon L

Operations Manager

Work and life are much more balanced. I now have greater self belief and awareness of my own ability. I’m not so afraid to try new things or take the lead with new projects and challenges.

Catherine Wilson

Dr Catherine Wilson

Head of School, Royal Marsden School

Peter H

Regulatory Services Manager

Amanda is very easy to relate to, and talk to. She is intuitive, and able to explore conceptions from different angles. She has the ability to explain concepts and principles in lay terms.

Audrey W

Business Manager

Amanda is a good impartial person to open up your thoughts to, she has strong questioning and listening skills and really uncovers your deepest thoughts. She helps develop your future plans in moving your career or other challenging situations forward. I was slightly sceptical going into the session with Amanda but in the following days and weeks, took forward the challenges we agreed and certainly benefited from the outcome. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

Christine L

Data analyst

I really benefited from the way Amanda was able to help me to set realistic goals which I acted on a lot quicker than I expected. She gave me the motivation to actually do something about my current situation.


Branca M

Management Consultant

I most appreciated Amanda’s ability to move me from problem-focused thinking to desired outcomes-directed thinking. She had an intuition to sense when I was in need of championing and acknowledgement, and when I needed to be challenged and moved to taking concrete action. I also appreciated her calm demeanour and found working with her had a very grounding effect on me.


George B

HR Director and Trustee

Amanda has a unique ability to make complicated things simple. She has great clarity of thinking and presents with impact.